will help you to make the right decision at any stage of life.


Student orientation

I am sure which career suits me best.

With so many university programs and career possibilities, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell which path is the right for oneself. will help you analyse and gain insight into which direction is best suited for you.


Professional Orientation

I'm finding my calling and following my own path.

When choosing a new career or changing your job, you might think that it is best to make decisions by judging what you’re good at. It is, however, just as important to know what you enjoy doing. The analysis helps you to identify jobs that you are motivated by.



I offer applicants well-fitting jobs. We all benefit from that.

When selecting job candidates, people often focus on skills, only to later realise that the new employee is not motivated or that the chemistry in the team is not right. The analysis lets you taylor the job specifically to the applicant.



I use the right words to motivate my staff.

The analysis can determine the motivations of every employee. With this knowledge, managers will be able to delegate tasks appropriately, set motivating goals and, after faster results have been achieved, praise employees in ways that will be well received.



I get on well with my colleagues, because I understand what motivates them.

The analysis helps to discover similarities and differences between your team members. By doing this, you can not only develop a higher level of empathy for each other but also start to understand your own unique contribution to the team’s success.

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